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Welcome to the Kuusijärvi -lake,
where are located the only
public three smoke saunas in the whole world.
Print from here your own Diploma, if you have visited in Kuusijärvi smoke saunas. 

Open the link, fill it and print the Diploma for you....and don't forget to send an email of it to me 

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Definition of the sauna:
The International Sauna Society, Aachen May 8, 1999

Sauna bath:
The sauna bath is healthy and relaxing hot-air-bathing and an alternation of warming up and cooling down. During the sauna bath, the entire body is warmed up several times in a wood-paneled room where temperature is typically 105C/220F measured at 100cm/40 inches above the sitting platform. Warming up is followed by cooling down outside or with cold water. 
The sauna room:
The sauna is a wood-paneled room with elevated sitting platforms on different levels, there is a stove with stones and the temperature as above with a low humidity, which is only temporarily raised by throwing water on the stones to create löyly vapour.

“Theater is as beneficial as grammar schools and as necessary as Sauna.“ 
An excerpt from a newspaper called Satakunta, which was published in Pori on February 14, 1874, at the time of the opening on Finland’s oldest theater. Today, this is framed and can be seen in the theater’s foyer.

SaunaMafia International Team in Finland 

Informations and inquiries:

Sauna Ambassador

Mob. +358 40 547 8089      

Mob. +358 40 553 4994            


Mob. +358 44 019 9721         

Vantaan Ulkoilukeskus Kuusijärvi - Location 

Vantaan Ulkoilukeskus Kuusijärvi - Information  

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